Why Now is the Time to Create the Future

Apr 09, 2020

Video Summary:

Everybody wants to know what’s going to happen next. What they’re not considering is the extent to which that outcome is up to ALL of us...

In this video, I discuss the opportunity that exists in this current crisis to begin building a new kind of future, such as:

  • Using our voice and ideas to contribute to the larger conversation of where we go from here
  • Investing the luxury of time you may have right now to take an active role in creating a long-term future that will benefit your children and grandchildren
  • Acknowledging that there is nothing sustainable about how we currently do things and that now we have the chance to change that going forward
  • Choosing right now to invest in people over profit
  • Thinking for yourself about what you truly want and how you can achieve it
  • Understanding that the implications of this current event rest on you and what you will do going forward
  • Taking action RIGHT NOW to shape the outcome of this event for yourself and for all those who may be suffering in the near future.

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