Jared Nichols is the founder of the NU FUTURIST and creator of The Foresight Academy, a groundbreaking program that teaches leaders and teams the same skills that innovators, industry disruptors, and change-makers have used to guide and shape the future they want to see. Jared is also a futurist, advisor, and adjunct professor of Strategic Foresight at the University of Tennessee's Haslam College of Business, in Graduate and Executive Education. He teaches leaders, teams, and individuals how to think like futurists so they can create the best future for themselves and the people they serve.
His insight and expertise are utilized across a wide variety of sectors and industries from Fortune 500 companies to government municipalities entrepreneurial start-ups, as well as his work in Hollywood with accomplished actors, writers, and producers, helping them reinvent themselves and discover new areas for growth both inside and outside the bounds of their industry.
Jared is also the host of the small business podcast presented by the National Small Business Association titled, The Road Ahead: Small Business in the 21st Century, which focuses on practical tips and insights for small business owners on how to grow, thrive, and contribute, in a volatile and uncertain environment. In addition to hosting The Road Ahead,
Jared also sits on the Board of Trustees for the National Small Business Association, focusing on equipping SMEs with the ability to anticipate change and influence public policy in favor of small business growth.
Jared is also a musician, composer, competitive cyclist, and trail runner living in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife and two sons.
His most recent accomplishment is becoming an official card-carrying member of the Dollar Beard Club and is making plans to build a workshop and tame a wild animal.
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