In order to make the right decisions in today’s volatile and uncertain environment, business executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders must be equipped to envision themselves and their organizations 5 to 25 years into the future.
When you work with me and my team, we will equip you with the skills you need to gain competitive advantage, identify potential change and disruption, and seize new market opportunities.




Companies are required to be nimble and adaptive to sudden change and unexpected events, without wreaking havoc on the balance sheet and disrupting the functionality of the organization.
Often, an outside perspective is needed to reframe emerging issues in a more holistic context, revealing the obstacles and opportunities they possess.
Our organization works with you to assess your current strategic initiatives, consider a broader range of possibility, narrow in on your greatest opportunities, and align today's actions with the future you want to create.


As a result, you will:

  • Increase confidence in your day-to-day decision making process.
  • Drastically reduce stress and anxiety caused by uncertainty.
  • Identify and create strategic growth opportunities.



Scenario development first emerged as a tool for creating military strategy in the aftermath of World War II. It was later adopted in the private sector by corporations looking to identify emerging trends and avoid potential disruption. Since the 2008 financial crisis, its use as a tool for anticipating change has only grown.
Organizations today realize that the future isn't set in stone, and they must be ready for multiple possibilities.
We work with you to develop, relevant, plausible, and applicable narratives about how the future might unfold. Then, we help you create an action plan to not only prepare for potential disruption, but also influence change and take advantage of new market opportunities.


As a result, you will:

  • Cultivate deep insight into emerging trends in technology, innovation, creativity, public policy, and corporate culture.
  • Dramatically increase your organization's capacity to handle uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • See how your industry may develop over the next 10-25 years.




Old methods of strategic planning focused almost solely on the future position of the organization in question, largely disregarding environmental factors.
Such planning assumes that the external environment will remain relatively stable and predictable, a completely unrealistic assumption in today’s world.
Today’s successful strategies must be designed for movement, rather than position.
Exploring various possible futures enables your organization to think strategically and take proactive measures to achieve a preferred future, a future which would look very different from the one you currently envision.
With our help, you can create a strategic culture within your organization that both anticipates and adapts to changing environments.


As a result you will:

  • Develop and implement a strategic roadmap that aligns with the company’s newly discovered vision and focus for the future.
  • Develop robust and adaptive long-term strategies for their organization.
  • Identify strategic opportunity in a constantly changing and uncertain environment.



By standing in the future and looking backward we gain tremendous insight into the decisions we should make, disruptions in the market, and evolving client behavior. The next question is often,
“How do we apply these insights to our organization today?”
Actionable Insights is a process of adopting information we have about today’s customers, technology, and economics, into a framework that considers multiple emerging futures.
Aligned with the process of anticipation, Actionable Insights provides every member of the organization with an evolving blueprint by which to measure success and strategic initiatives.


As a result you will:

  • Dramatically increase employee confidence in the day-to-day decision making process.
  • See employees promoting the organization’s long-term aspirations and strategic initiatives.
  • Flourish in terms of both core competencies and new competitive spaces.



A desired future cannot be achieved without first being imagined.
Additionally, the more a vision is shared by others, the more likely it is to come to fruition.
Creating a process whereby stakeholders can participate in uncovering an organization’s future greatly increases the value of any strategic planning initiative.
We work with you to create extraordinary environments that foster creativity, imagination, possibility, and most of all, co-operation.
In doing so you begin to uncover the true hopes, dreams, and aspirations of your organization.


As a result you will see:

  • Increased efficiency throughout the organization.
  • Increased confidence of each employee and executive in their roles and contribution to the organization’s future.
  • Increased enthusiasm and optimism among employees, regarding the organization’s long-term aspirations.