This is WHY I do this work. 

I believe our future, the world we’re creating, and the legacy we’re building today are the most important things we should focus on.
Because of that, I want more people, not just an elite few, to use these tools to create the kind of future we can all be proud of.
So, you’re probably thinking, “That sounds great, but where do I start?”
Great question!

Here is THE MAIN FOCUS of my work:  

Helping you learn HOW to think about the future instead of telling you WHAT to think about the future.
This is different than what a lot of futurists do. Most futurists focus on predictions and forecasts because we humans want to know what to expect around the next corner.
But there’s a problem with this approach.
That problem is it leaves you with only one option when it comes to your relationship with the future:
To PREPARE for whatever they say the future is going to look like.


It's about helping you ask BETTER questions.

So, how do I do this?
I offer a variety of avenues for learning how to apply foresight to your life. Still, they all revolve around what I call:
The 3 C's for Creating the Future.
They are Conscious, Curious, and Creative.
So what does it mean to be Conscious, Curious, and Creative?
Here's a simple way to understand what I mean:
When you are Conscious…
You are expanding your awareness of the seen and unseen forces driving and shaping the future today. The "seen" forces are apparent, like A.I., climate change, human gene editing, social unrest, etc. The "unseen" forces are the ideas and stories surrounding the seen forces, telling us what they mean for our future. When you learn to recognize and challenge the unseen forces, you no longer allow them to determine your future.
When you are Curious…
You see the future as a spectrum of possibility. You know that today's questions will determine just how far you can go tomorrow. So, you're not afraid to ask the most important question of all: "What else might be possible?"
When you are Creative…
You're taking real action to pursue the possibilities you've uncovered. You can connect the future challenges with your potential to create a better outcome for the people you serve. As a result, you can envision a new reality so compelling that others are inspired to join you in its creation. It's here where real change, disruption, and innovation emerge.
If this sounds like the kind of work you want to undertake, let's talk about how we can approach it.
As I said before, there are various ways we can work together to help you apply the tools and principles of foresight to your life.


The first way is through an online program I created called, The Foresight Academy. This self-paced program contains 12 weeks of material that teaches you the same skills that innovators, industry disruptors, and change-makers have used to guide and shape the future.
What’s also great about this program is that once you’ve finished, you’ll have earned your official Certificate in Strategic Foresight from the Haslam College of Business at The University of Tennessee.
You can find out more about The Foresight Academy here.



I also offer executive coaching for individuals ready to reimagine what is possible for themselves and the people they serve. This is accomplished through in-depth one-on-one work with me, as I help them apply the principles of foresight to their lives.
You can learn more about that here.
If you have a team or organization that would benefit from the application of foresight to their current strategy and vision, then you may want to check out my corporate engagements page.


Finally, I offer speaking and workshops to groups that don’t have the time or resources for a longer-term engagement but would benefit from an introduction to foresight and the strategies they can use to apply it to their lives and work.
You can find out more by contacting me directly right here.


Here’s what to do next:


Take a look around the site, check out some of my videos, download my free books, and sign-up for my free video courses
This is the fastest way to decide whether or not I’m the right fit for you and if we should schedule a call to see how we might work together. 
Sound good? I hope so. :)
To YOUR future success, 
Jared Nichols