Mar 27, 2019

 Video Summary: 

When it comes to YOUR future are you a "planner" or "creator?"

It sounds strange at first but the two are completely different ways of relating to the future. Here's what I mean: "CREATORS" are comfortable with UNCERTAINTY. I'm not saying they love it. But... What I am saying is they aren't afraid of it. Why? It's a mindset. It's a way of thinking that recognizes the opportunity to make or do something new because... The boundaries and limitations of "what is and has been," aren't standing in the way of "what could be." But here's the thing...

  • It's not easy.

  • It's going to be hard.

  • It's going to be scary.

  • It's going to be lonely... at first.

But it's the only place where YOU can truly be PROACTIVE about the kind of future you want to see. All meaningful change throughout human history came when PEOPLE took that first step into the unknown and asked: "What else might be possible?" So my question is: Why shouldn't it be YOU?

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