Apr 13, 2019

 Video Summary:

Have you ever wondered exactly why Blockbuster Video, Borders Books, Circuit City, and so many others no longer exist? The simple answer is...

They failed to imagine a future where they had to dramatically change the way they operated. Why? Because they relied too heavily on industry predictions and internal analysts who played down the very real possibility their business model was dying. You see...

There's nothing wrong with "predicting" the future or saying that "the future" may unfold in a certain way. The problem comes when WE overly rely on the predictions of industry experts and analysts without asking, "What else might be possible?"

Here's my point:

All of us have inherent biases toward a future that requires the least amount of change and brings the least amount of discomfort. But if we don't challenge those biases and assumptions on a regular basis... Then an uncomfortable future is the least of our problems. What do you think?

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