Jul 22, 2019

 Video Summary: 
  • We need a new approach to scenario planning that unleashes greater CREATIVITY and leads to greater opportunity.
  • Instead of thinking of scenarios as alternative futures that we need to plan for, we should think of them as STORIES that we need to write.
  • The goal of each scenario is to create a context, or setting for this future story, in which you and the people you serve are characters.
  • The plot becomes the actions you take that will help the people you serve overcome whatever obstacles exist in this future context.
  • Why this approach? Because traditional methods LIMIT the IMAGINATION by having you look for ways to adapt what you’re currently doing.
  • You have to forget about what you’re currently doing and use scenarios as an opportunity to completely reimagine your approach. STORIES enable you to more easily step out of your current reality and into an alternative one.

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