Sep 23, 2019

 Video Summary:  

Accommodation reinforces the way that currently do things by making it easier or faster, while REAL innovation takes us beyond what we’re currently doing and into new territory.

Here’s how to drive real REAL innovation:

  1. IDENTIFY an emerging trend or technology that is here today but the full implications are not known yet. i.e. AI, Big Data, Gene Editing, etc.
  2. CHALLENGE the baseline assumptions about this issue and the changes it will bring. This is where you go beyond the original intent of the technology and try to imagine the unintended consequences AND unrealized opportunities that it holds.
  3. EXPLORE the broader implications (social, political, economic, etc.) of this technology on the future as a whole. What needs, desires, challenges, and opportunities, arise within the broader context? This reveals the hidden potential that most people won’t spot.

Often the difference between innovation and accommodation isn’t in the technology itself, but in HOW we think about it and use it. 

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