Conversations on Class, Race and Moving Forward

Jun 26, 2020

Video Summary:

In addition to our impeccable taste in hairstyle... :)

Me and Chris are both #Army BRATS. Which simply means that one or both of our parents were activity duty military. As kids, we grew up in an extremely diverse environment which has certainly shaped who we are today.

And that brings us to where we are now.

In the midst of protests over the killing of George Floyd and the long-overdue calls for deep structural change, I've held back on posting or trying to speak to the issue at hand.


Because if you're like me, the last thing you want to see is one more white guy pontificating on the state of race relations in America.

So I won't.

Instead, I want to share conversations with friends, colleagues, clients, and students, whose perspective is far more valuable than my own.

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