Nov 01, 2021


Video Summary:

Clarity is something we all seek. But real clarity, the kind we need when the stakes are high and change is the only option, this can only come about through some sort of disruption to our routines, ideas, and assumptions about how the world works.  Well established patterns, routines, and ideas, while they may be beneficial at first, eventually lead to complacency. And the definition of “complacency” according to is, “a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like.” So with that in mind I’m going to share three things that are important to recognize if you want to gain greater clarity on a more consistent basis. 

  • #1 - You must recognize that “Clarity” is about sight. In other words, Clarity is about “vision.” Think about it. You can’t “clearly feel your way through a dark tunnel.” According to the definition of complacency I just gave you, complacency means there’s a good chance there’s something you’re not SEEING.

  • #2 - Long-term sustainable growth requires regular disruption. A great example of this principle is the boom in fitness regimes and philosophies over the last 15 years like Crossfit, Tough Mudder, Peleton, and TRX. Although they differ in their method, their philosophy is the same; “disrupt the body's normal regime by throwing in unexpected changes that force it to adapt and get stronger.” 

  • #3 - You must recognize that disruption can be both accidental and intentional. By “accidental” I’m simply referring to outside forces that you’ve unintentionally collided with. This is the experience most of us have. We equate “disruption” solely with the unexpected. These moments can be extremely frustrating, but also opportunities for enlightenment if you approach them with curiosity, asking the questions: What does this experience have to teach me? What new opportunities does it present? But, why wait for an unexpected event to give you clarity?

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