Nov 17, 2021

Video Summary:

How do you make truly informed decisions when the information ecosphere is overflowing with junk? How do you maintain your mental fortitude when there’s a lot of pressure to “know the right answer,” around issues and obstacles that need your thoughtful consideration? Well...  

Thoughtful consideration can only be exercised when you have a fit and healthy mind. In other words, you can't fill it with junk and expect high quality results.  In this video, I’m going to give you three ways to achieve and maintain a healthy perspective in what I like to call, “a high pressure low thinking environment."  

  1. DISENGAGE YOUR AUTO-PILOT. In other words, don’t trust that someone or something else has done the #work for you. For instance, the next time you’re being fed information, ask yourself: "Is this information an ideological opinion or an honest attempt to report the facts?"
  2. REENGAGE YOUR CURIOSITY. In other words, don’t buy your own bullshit, or other peoples bullshit for that matter. Reengaging your curiosity is about staying as neutral as possible in the narrative wars. It’s about staying open to new information that may challenge what you think, giving you a new perspective that others won’t even consider. 
  3. TRUST YOUR GUT. In other words, don’t discount your initial instincts. While overcommitting to your ideas is dangerous, under-committing to your deeper sense of knowing is also bad. If you’ve followed the first two suggestions in this video, then trusting your gut will be so much easier. You have a unique perspective for a reason and you need to use it. Now obviously I’m not saying you should blindly trust your current opinion on everything. BUT, you also can’t discount your entire life’s experience and knowledge either. That’s what it means to be human.

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