Think Differently: A Conversation with Eric Kasimov About HOW We Think About The Future Today

Nov 20, 2018



If you want to make better decisions about YOUR future...

Start by asking better questions.

Understanding how the future might unfold starts by understanding why we, as PEOPLE do what we do. Me and my good friend Eric Kasimov, went for a walk and decided to bring the camera. (Which makes sense because his company, KazCM provides content marketing and strategy for entrepreneurs).

In this short video, Eric reminisces about the first time we met and my complete lack of fashion sense on the golf course. :)

We also talk about how the more we dig into "why" we believe what we believe, why we do what we do, and why we make the decisions we make...

The better we can see where we might be going. Don't be afraid to question what others accept as, "the way things are."

Who do you know that's not afraid to ask the questions that others might not?

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