Jul 10, 2019
Video Summary: 

What separates those who are driving and shaping the future from those who are waiting for it to arrive?  A powerful and meaningful vision of the future that moves other people to action.

Here’s where you begin:

Step #1: Start in the future 

Too many people take their current situation and project it forward with modest advancements and modifications to what they already do. As a result, they end up with a timid, lifeless vision that inspires no one.

A powerful vision has to start in the future. It requires you to forget what you're currently doing and what seems possible today, and completely re-imagine the impact you could have on the lives of others. Otherwise, your vision will be limited by what you already know and believe, rather than pushing you beyond to new territory.

Once you start in the future and create this new vision, then you can look back and begin to determine how you got there. You will begin to see the steps you can take to move in that new direction.

Step #2: Focus on the people you serve

Ask yourself: “How are the people I want to serve faring in this future? What can I do to make this the best possible future for them?"

A powerful and meaningful vision of the future does NOT start with you. If you start with you, you're missing the point. Your future success and the relevance of your business, your products, and services, are based solely on how you're providing value to the people you serve. 

Step #3 - Put it into words that are accessible and inviting 

Be specific about the vision you want to achieve and the impact it will have on the lives of the people you serve. Create a picture of what could be, so others can begin to connect their actions today to that future reality. If they can't picture it, they won't be motivated to pursue it. 

When you have a powerful vision of "what could be,” it changes the way people act today AND it awakens them to the ability they have to make that vision a reality.

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